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Friday Rules: 23.01.2015


Game Of The Week - Mice & Mystics. 'All right, I'm picking up cheddar. Tilda, whaddya want? Gouda? Eugh, come on Tilda. Brie? ...okay, that's better.' If you hadn't yet guessed, Mice & Mystics is a board game that features an unusual amount of cheese. YOU SHOULD LOVE IT ALREADY! This co-operative 1-4 player story-telling adventure game transforms you into adorable yet gnarly mice, ready to fight to save your kingdom in a castle! Creepy crawlies and your arch nemesis - rats, duh - are never far behind, but the biggest beastie (the cat) is enough to make the toughest mouse quiver in his tiny little boots. Aww. There's even a Cheese System that allows you to hoard crumbs and save them for strength! Choose your character role wisely, as each has their own squeaky qualities. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but is this not the most adorable game in the world? For a review that features harsh criticism of popular cartoon series Top Cat (naturally), check out this one with Shut Up & Sit Down!


Gurrrrl, That Game Is Terrible. Twenty-six years ago, a game called Girl Talk Date Line was created. In a time when there was no social media or accessible internet, it offered a glimpse into 'high school' and teenage lives for young girls who were convinced they'd grow out of their spots and braces and turn into Cindy Crawford during summer. Which won't happen. IT NEVER HAPPENS. But still, a lot of girls played the board game with their friends, which is what prompted a group of twenty-something women to play it again! They wanted to see if they could remove the nostalgia and play it with fresh, open minds. Aaand then they wished they hadn't. Read the full article to see what yucky stuff they'd forgotten about. Oh, the 90's. You were a weird time for us all. 


Trivia on TableTop! There is literally nothing I love more than a trivia game. And I'm not even that good! But for some reason, reaching for pointless knowledge that may or may not be in my brain is the most fun thing to do, ever. So imagine my sheer joy over yesterday's 30 minute 'Geek Out!' episode of TableTop! Trivia questions could include things like, 'Name 2 elves from the Lord of the Rings franchise', or 'Name 2 superheroes that wear yellow as their costume's primary colour'. You can choose a geeky question or a pop culture question, so you've got more chance than you might've thought. But wait, why am I still typing? I NEED TO IMMEDIATELY GO AND BUY THIS GAME. For the original GeekDad article with a little more info on the game, click here!


pandemic review image

Pandemic - an Epidemic! To celebrate our upcoming Pandemic Party (this Wednesday! 7-10pm! @ The Gate!!! £10 tickets for a charitable cause!!!!!) we're sharing a bunch of reviews of the different standalone games! Here's a written review of Carey Grayson's 'Pandemic: Contagion' - 'quick-playing', 'fun' and 'accessible'! The Dice Tower are here with a video review of the newest Pandemic standalone game, The Cure! Not as 'Robert Smith' themed as I'd hoped. And here's a review on by 'Shut Up & Sit Down' jockey, Quinns Smith, of the original base game. It's funny, sparky and he makes anyone new to gaming feel 'at ease' with the rules and the concept. After reading it you could even plan a simple game-play strategy, before you've even opened the box! There's nothing that can stop you now! Apart from, um, some sort of rapidly spreading disease. Remember to buy your tickets ASAP to reserve a space! Click here to buy.


Board Game Bar's back, this Monday... at Urban Tap House, 5-10pm, £3 entry! Last week a copy of Mice & Mystics broke out, scurrying through the rooms and causing havoc... luckily, it's back on our 'demo games' shelf! Come along and play a few games, drink a few beers, maybe make a few new mates!


New Releases / Restocks / Coming Soon!


New Releases Coming Next Week! Grab your friends and run - there are aliens in town and you're humanity's last hope! Yep, it's XCOM The Board Game! In case you didn't know, it incorporates a free digital companion app for even cooler game play!; Yu-Gi-Oh Hero Strike's in town, allowing you to fuse monsters together - fancy!; D&D Attack Wing Wave 3 will swoop into the store; put your high vis and your hard hat on for Pay Dirt; an Elder Sign expansion with Gates of Arkham; Sentinels of the Multiverse - Wrath of the Cosmos; Pathfinder Skull & Shackles - The Price of Infamy; Captains of Industry; Scoville; more Yu-Gi-Oh with the Dice Masters Starter Set and Gravity Feed; plus the Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 11 beauties!


New Releases Available Now - We've had a TRUCK full of Magic the Gathering: Fate Reforged stuff on our doorstep, including Fat Packs, boosters and Clash Packs! It's all brand new so get it while it's hot!; there's the dice-based version of Race for the Galaxy with 'Roll for the Galaxy' - a new journey awaits!; Dungeon Lords - Happy Aniversary, including the base game, the Festival Season expansion and a dungeon-load more!; pick your enemies wisely with the DC Deck Builder Rivals - Batman vs Joker; the Pokémon Mega Evolution Triple Pack CDU; unify China with opposing armies in Sun Tzu; the second expansion for Cyclades with Cyclades Titans; and for Dungeon Masters who like to treat themselves, we've got the D&D Deluxe DM screen!


Arriving Soon - 1 new Pandemic expansion with the hotly anticipated Pandemic: Legacy; from a galaxy far far away comes a new Star Wars miniatures game with fleet-based Armada... PRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!

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