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On the second day of Christmas... Traditional Games

Picture this. It's a dark, cosy night in the run up to Christmas. You've stuffed yourself full of sausages and gravy and you fancy playing a game. "How about playing one of those traditionals?" asks the host. Inwardly, you groan. Not another evening of Monopoly, your body can't take it. Instead, they pull out a huge box. It doesn't have a board. It seems to be something you've never seen before. It... it... it's NOT MONOPOLY!

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Tumblin' Dice.

2-6 players, 2-5 min per round, age 6+

A Great Time To Play Is: the family Christmas party. Who knew the kids could eat Quality Street AND practise their times tables at the same time?!

Forget what you once knew about 'traditional games'. For the most part, they've been getting bigger, more wooden and more frantic than ever before! Tumblin' Dice is a game of finger-flickin' fun, as you propel dice down the wooden steps of the board. There are pegs in place to save some of the more - er - reckless and uncoordinated of us, but that's your only saving grace! When every dice has been flicked and all the fun has been had, multiply the number on the face of each dice showing by the number on the section it's landed on. Do this for all of your dice - the highest score wins! Note that if a dice tumbles into another and knocks it off the board, that's totally legal. Hey, I never said it was fair! 


2-4 players, no time limit, age 7+

A Great Time To Play Is: the office Christmas party. Take it along and you'll get a promotion. Trust us. Trust us

Rollet combines the brilliance of a game like hockey with the safety of small wooden balls. No pucks to the mouth with this one! Use your cuuurved slides to roll the little metal balls down on to the playing field. Keep the bigger wooden ball away from your goal, and knock it into your opponent's! It's a frantic frenzy to make the first goal, and then - well, then you just keep going until you start going cross-eyed! Precision and good aim are rewarded, and luckily it allows you to get better and more skilled. Until, of course, someone comes along and annihilates you with pure speed and determination. Good old-fashioned fun! Top tip: be prepared to literally drag it away from the players at the end of the night. They won't ever let go!

Pitch Car.

2-8 players, 30 minutes, age 6+

A Great Time To Play Is: all the way through Christmas! Just leave it on the table or the floor - careful, mind your step! - and return to it whenever you want a rematch. 

Pitch Car is possibly the one of the simplest games I can think of, and arguably the most fun! All you do is set up the track however you want it, place your little cars at the starting line and FLICK! They're off! Take it in turns to whizz your motor around the track, using the little red bumper walls (if there are any!) to keep you from flying over the side. Or you can race F1 style and all vroom-vroom at once! Go for 5 rounds if you like, or make it 10 and schedule a toilet break in the middle. And that's it! That's the whole game! I have nothing more to teach you on the subject, so please hold and enjoy the light jazz. Remember - Christmas ain't Christmas without a furiously fast family racing game!

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