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Friday Rules - 19.09.2014



Game of the Week - Glass RoadThis 1-4 player game sets you up with your own, brand new glass-making business in the Bavarian Forest. It feels weird to know that a board game has got your ultimate life goals so right. How did they know?! You must build the best structures and collect the best resources in order to keep your business growing. You have 15 specialists to pick and choose from, which help with the building and other work, but your opponents are using the exact same cards! Meaning that at the drop of a smashed glass, you might have to re-evaluate your whole plan, so being as flexible as the hot glass you're twisting around is key! This quirky game could be the only one in which you're an esteemed glass-maker, and wouldn't you want to know what that feels like? Check out a Dice Tower review here.


You Want How Much?! Today, Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower tweeted a photo of a game called 'Encounter' - supposedly the ONLY copy in existence. This sent us on a web surfin' sesh to find more rare/out-of-print/exclusive games. After all, a rare game is like a rare animal - people want to see it and the rich want to buy it! This concept rings true with both the Franklin Mint Monopoly and the Franklin Mint Scrabble: both games sell for over £300/400 online, and their pieces are coated with gold - 24 carat in the Scrabble game! Take a look at this Risk Black Ops Limited Edition, too. This sleek and modernised bad boy sells for a few hundred too, as only 1,000 copies were ever made. Finally, check out the 1935 pre-Monopoly game made by the Parker Brothers, called Fortune. The last time it sold on ebay, it fetched a whopping £828! Hey, will my financial worth increase dramatically if I cover myself in dirt and lie on a shelf for 30 years?


Munchkin characters

Steve Jackson and the Munchkin Made of Money. The man who brought us Munchkin and Munchkin Deluxe has published a yearly financial report without actually having to publish a yearly financial report. Jackson states that his fans and the game's buyers are his stakeholders, and so deserve to be told exactly what's going on. Isn't that twitter's for? I want to know what you ate for lunch, Jackson! The report details his gross income of $8.8 million, with most coming from Munchkin sales but with added input from the sales of Zombie Dice and Ogre, too. Steve also takes us through his high points of the year, the 'ehhhhhh' bits, and the devastating low point of when Austin, Texas flooded and he was left homeless for weeks. It's kinda cool how earnest and honest he is with his fans, and the flooding thing is awful, but Steve, you had me at 8.8 million dollars. Okay, you had me at 8 dollars.


Shut Up & Sit Down Review: Dead of Winter. The boys are back in town with another hilarious review - this time, it's Dead of Winter, the frosty-toed zombie survival game! The 2-5 player game, designed by Isaac Vega and Jon Gilmour, premiered at this year's Gen Con and looks so cool I wan't to put a swear word in here, BUT I WON'T! The best bits of the video include; the arrival of a pear as a new survivor in their midst; Paul beginning a list of 'three people we need to die', including Max Clifford and Rupert Murdoch, before being told loudly to 'STOP!'; their pained horror at the evil six-sided dice; and their exploration of the dog character who is literally restricted by no rules and so therefore can fetch books from the library and use a Zippo lighter to burn down a crowd of zombies. Awesome. 


C.R.O.W Are Swooping In Again! On September 28th we have another role-playing sesh' for all you crazy lunatics who like telling stories and creating fiction. Using the power of language and imagination to transport yourselves to other worlds, free of charge? Pah - weirdos, the lotta you! If you too are a weirdo, then click here for the official Facebook event!


Gaming @ The Gate For The Second Time In a Month! Oooooh, we do treat you well, there's no denying that! For the second time in September, hordes of beer-swilling and wine-sipping gaming loons will descend upon the Gate centre in Roath for a night of board games. Will you join the masses?! Click here for details!


New Releases / Restocks / Coming Soon!


New In Store From Next Week - the latest instalment of Adventure Time Card Wars with Princess vs Lumpy; more Adventure Time with Munchkin Adventure Time; Legendary Encounters Alien; Khans of Tarkir, the newest Magic the Gathering block, will hit stores on Friday; Dead of Winter will finally make a shivering, terrifying appearance; the Netrunner First Contact Data Pack; more brightly-coloured violence in Smash Up - Monster Smash; Bilbo Baggins throws dice The Battle of Five Armies; mourning and misery in Gloom's three newest expansions including Unhappy Homes, Unwelcome Guests and Unfortunate Expeditions; Lost Legacy 2 - Flying Garden; some RPG goodness with Cosmic Patrol - Beyond the Gravastar; The Strange RPG - The Dark Spiral and Accursed RPG - Savage Worlds; military action in Won by the Sword; Fire in the Lake and Glory's End/When Eagles Fight.


New Releases Available Now - D&D's newest family addition, Monster Manual; the ever-so-scary Abyss; Thunderstone Advance - Into the Abyss; quick-paced survival in Zombie 15'; gorgeous anime-styling in Shinobi Wat-Ahh!; this week's game of the week, Five Tribes; two different character versions of Adventure Time Card Wars; Space Cadets Dice Duel; the ever-impressive Shadowrun Crossfire; family-friendly pirate action that unfortunately isn't full of sweets, Pina Pirata; the new Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook and Hoard of the Dragon Queen, the first part of the epic new D&D adventure, Tyranny of Dragons; the long-awaited second edition of Dark Heresy; Province, the miniature 2 player worker placement game; big tuff 'n' ruff bikers in Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem.


Arriving Soon - The rest of the D&D haul with Rise of Tiamat and Dungeon Master's Guide; beautiful storytelling in The Witcher Adventure Game; Christmas is coming early in the form of 3 new Pandemic expansions, including dice-based quick co-op The Cure, the competitive Contagion and the hotly anticipated Pandemic: Legacy; cooold, cooooold zombies in Dead of Winter; Fantasy Flight's LCGs take on the mighty legions of Warhammer 40K in Conquest;Dungeons and Dragons shrinks to miniature in a collaboration between Wizkids and Wizards of the Coast for the new Attack Wing Starter Set; From a galaxy far far away comes new Star Wars miniatures games, fleet-based Armada and ground-based Imperial Assault; city-building and Mayor-becoming in the clever and quick Machi Koro; family-friendly bluffing and bribery in Sheriff of Nottingham, and come closer and see, see into the trees in Talisman: The Woodland.... PRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!

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