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Friday Rules - 29.08.2014



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Game of the Week - 1944: Race to the Rhine. What may seem like your average war game is actually something else entirely in disguise - a racing game based in World War 2 with all the fun of tanks and ammo and without the nasty business of killing! For 1-3 players, the game is strategic and relies on careful, clever planning. Will you take the risk of choosing fuel over ammo to make the journey or will you just blunder on blindly and hope for the best?! You need to cross the Rhine before it's too late, and ensure is victory is yours! Read more here, and start your planning... Hmmmm...


Gen Con 2014 Andrew - Asmodee Booth Empty

Gen Con 2014 may be over... but the games that got previewed there are just beginning! There were a few familiar ones, of course - Star Wars: Armada and King of New York are both games we've been, ahem, patiently writing about and waiting for - but a couple of newbies too. We're loving the look of Hyperborea, a game that seems perfect for Euro-lovers and thematic-fans to play together and both enjoy! Lords of Xidit looks interesting too, although it's not a scary battle version of a mixed-up 'Dixit', which is wildly disappointing... Check out the rest of Gen Con here!


'Love Craft, baby, Loooove Craft!' H. P Lovecraft is back in the building, ladies and gents, with an Eldritch Horror expansion - Mountains of Madness! Embark on a mission through the snowy peaks of Antarctica to the City of the Elder Things, and see if you can ward off the Ancient Ones and the end of life as you know it! With new roles and new cards, this is sure to blow the socks off Lovecraft fans and hell, anyone who likes their gaming on the scary and insane side! Read more on the publisher's website.



Pick Any Card, Any Card You Like... A controversial blog post has rocked the world of tabletop gaming (kinda) with its 10 reasons why a deck of cards is better than a board game. To be fair, they make some good points! With cards, everyone has a basic foundation of knowledge to build on, plus a deck's teeny weeny size means it's obviously a brilliant choice for pubs/trains/cars and wherever else you get the urge. However, we'd say the lack of characters and personal investment in cards (apart from Snap - that game's got voodoo in it that makes your guts want to explode!) is a big thumbs down... See what you think and read the post here!


X-Wing Tournament happening soon! Next week, on September 7th, we have our X-Wing Summer Tournament taking place in store. The lucky winner will get an exclusive medal, a promotional poster, two packs of seismic charge tokens and more! Check out the official event here.


Gaming @ The Gate on Monday 8th September. Having longer to wait is a bummer but after August's wishy-washy Bank Holiday muddle comes our next instalment of 'drunken gaming'! Don't miss it - see it all here.


New Releases / Restocks / Coming Soon!



New in store from next week -  Get ready to get geeky, with the Big Geeky Box expansion for Smash Up!; cyberpunk shuffling strategy with Shadowrun: Crossfire; Days of Wonder latest game, the awesome-looking Five Tribes; the Die Fighter expansion for Space Cadets Dice Duel; Adventure Time: Card Wars, and crafty card playing with Shinobi Clans.




New Releases Available Now -  gorgeous anime-styling and clever strategic play in Shinobi Wat-Ahh! ; this week's game of the week, 1944: Race to the Rhine; family-friendly pirate action in the latest game from the designer of smash-hit Dominion, Pina Pirata; the new Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook and Hoard of the Dragon Queen, the first part of the epic new D&D adventure, Tyranny of Dragons; the long-awaited second edition of Dark Heresy; Province, the miniature 2 player worker placement game that packs a big punch; leather-clad brawling bikers in Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem; gorgeous miniatures and tense co-op fantasy adventure in the marvelous Myth; Thunder Alley, the awesome new racing game from GMT, and the return of party classic Cash N' Gun$!!!


New Releases Available to Order From Today - loads and loads of new expansions for WW2 action game Heroes of Normandie.


Arriving soon - Disease? Yes please. Pandemic goes overboard with three new versions, including dice-based quick co-op The Cure, the competitive Contagion and the hotly anticipated Pandemic: Legacy; Fantasy Flight's LCGs take on the mighty legions of Warhammer 40K in Conquest. The force is strong with two new Star Wars miniatures games, fleet-based Armada and ground-based Imperial Assault; city-building in the clever and quick Machi Koro; family-friendly bluffing and bribery in Sheriff of Nottingham, and come closer and see, see into the trees in Talisman: The Woodland.... PRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!



…are over on the Events Tab. As always, if you want it and we’re not doing it, SHOUT!!

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