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Friday Rules - 08.08.2014



Game of the Week - Camel Up. Now that Camel Up has won this year's Spiel des Jahres prize, camels have regained a certain sense of dignity and class... Joking, of course - not even camels would agree with that! In the 2 - 8 player game, players bet on 5 racing camels, guessing frantically (and often incorrectly) which one will run around the whole pyramid first. Unfortunately, the dice controlling their movements mean they never glide as gracefully to the finish line as they could! Check out this DriveThruReview and this overview at Spielwarenmesse 2014 for more info!

XCOM: Excitement Unleashed! Fantasy Flight Games has announced that a board game based on the computer game 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' will be hitting shelves in late 2014. Ananda Gupta, one of the computer game's creators, has also worked on Twilight Struggle which is the top-rated board game on BoardGameGeek, so if he's had anything to do with the board game, we know it'll be good! There are plans to run demonstrations of it at Gen Con, starting August 14th, so keep an eye out!

Digging the Dragon Queeeeeen! A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying is coming back in a big way! After a bit of a hiatus (we can't always be slaying beasts and looking badass) the license with George R. R. Martin has been extended. But wait, there's more! Due out next year, A Dragon's Hoard is a 160-page adventure to join the core rulebook. Huh... dragons and role-playing? It's like I've heard that somewhere before...

Would You Like Extra Tiles With That? In a flurry of frenzied foodie news, three separate boardgame-cum-eatery establishments have been announced in the past few weeks! Draughts, a new café/pub in Hackney, London, will fuse the fun of boardgames with beer on tap, while Save Point Tavern in Sacramento, California, will act as an old-school traditional 'grub pub' with the added bonus of gameplay! Now, the latest addition is the Burger Company in Scout Reyes, the Philippines, combining greasy gluttony with great games. They pride themselves on serving juicy 'true American' burgers, and even hand out plastic gloves to keep the board games safe and protected! With all these new ventures popping up, we live in hope that one will arrive in Cardiff. Or perhaps that Pizza Hut will finally start listening to our 'suggestion letters'. Humph.


Gaming @ Urban Tap House on coming August 11th! We're teaming up with Cardiff's coolest bar this Monday during their week of fundraising for Ty Hafan and Diabetes UK. We'll be bringing along a whole bunch of games to play, so come along and relax in the trendiest watering hole going – if you're gonna win board games, may as well do it in style!

Tell Us a Story, C.R.O.W We're holding another story-telling and role-playing day on August 17th for all you lovely creatives to get your kicks at! Craft your art with careful precision (or just willy nilly, whatever you like!) with Cardiff Roleplay and study the true beauty of making stuff up. It's the way ya tell 'em!

Releases/Restocks/Coming Soon!



New in store from next week - Golem Arcana, the game that merges traditional tabletop miniatures with technology (an app for Android or Apple devices is an integral part of the game); the long-awaited second edition of Dark Heresy; Province, the miniature 2 player worker placement game that packs a big punch; the FATE version of the brilliant Achtung! Cthulhu, and Stolen Souls for Shadowrun 5th Edition.


Player's Handbook 

New Releases Available Now - it's finally here, the new and beautiful D&D Player's Handbookflying fantasy ships attack in oddball Aeronauts; deep economic strategy in the fab Shipyard; gorgeous miniatures and tense co-op fantasy adventure in the marvellous Myth;  Thunder Alley, the wonderful new racing game from GMT; Love Letter heads into the unknown with Lost Legacy: The StarshipQwixx, the brilliant and crafty little dice game; Mount Everest the latest climbing adventure from the designer of the much-loved K2; Hills & Sheep, the brand new expansion for Carcassonne, and Galactic Strike Force, the brilliant (but very hard) new co-op from the creators of the super Sentinels of the Multiverse.


New Releases Available to Order From Today - loads of new planes for Wings of Glory, and the mafia-themed cardgame Greed!


Arriving soon -  After a very, very long absence, we have word that the 2nd edition of party classic Ca$h 'n Guns will be released later this year; the new game for 6-25 (!!!) players, The Last Banquet; expansions for budding starship captains with Space Cadets: Resistance is Mostly FutileSpace Cadets Dice Duel: Die Fighter, and a brand-new Space Cadets game, Away MissionsWarhammer Conquest, the new card game based in the 40K universeCivilizations, the first expansion for Clash of Cultures; dark fantasy adventure based on the massively popular series of novels and computer games in The Witcher; new ships for Star Wars: X-WingSeafall Legacy, from the designer of the brilliant Risk Legacy, and the return of the classic ProphecyPRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!



…are over on the Events Tab. As always, if you want it and we’re not doing it, SHOUT!!

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