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Rules of Play - 28.03.2014


betrayal at house on the hill

Game of the Week – Betrayal at House on the Hill. One of the most anticipated restocks has finally returned to the shelves this week! Betrayal at House on the Hill is a brilliant and evocative horror game for 3-6 players. In the game, you’ll explore a mysterious and creepy haunted house together, but beware – one of you will become a secret traitor, and must betray your friends. With multiple scenarios and different characters to play, Betrayal at House on the Hill is a brilliant game with a heavy emphasis on story-telling, perfect for a memorable spooky evening in with friends. For more information, check out Wil Wheaton and friends taking on the haunted house on Tabletop(part 2 available here).


d-day landings

Commemorate D-Day with Memoir ’44. Days of Wonder have recently announced a special D-Day Landings expansion for their hit WW2 war-gameMemoir ’44 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings. Featuring six new maps, new rules and new game modes, D-Day Landings looks like it could be the biggest Memoir ’44 expansion yet, and should be hitting the shelves later this year.



Star Trek Attack Wing: Dominion War Month 5. The penultimate round of the Dominion War event for Star Trek: Attack Wing gets underway at Rules of Play from 11am on Sunday. Bring your best fleet to take on the Dominion as they shelter in Cardassian space, and help win victory for the alpha quadrant!



Gaming at the Gate (with special creepy guests!). We’ll be back at Gate Arts for our regular monthly boardgames evening on Monday 31st March from 7pm. As well as a brilliant and eclectic range of games to play, we’re also very happy to be welcoming Andrew Harman, who will be bringing along copies of his brand new game Frankenstein’s Bodies, giving you all the opportunity to create your own monsters!



International Tabletop Day. Don’t forget that itsInternational Tabletop Day on Saturday April 5th. We’ll be running all-day open board gaming in the shop from 11am, and then migrating over to The Gate from 7pm to indulge in some great games, with some fantastic freebies to give away. Hope to see you all at some point during the day!



Netrunner Games Day. Calling all runners and corps! We’ll be running a day of Netrunner at Rules of Play on Sunday 6th April from 11:00am. If you’re already a fan of this great card game and would like to size up against some new competition, or are just curious about what Netrunner is all about, come along and join us for some friendly competition and fun.


Releases/Restocks/Coming Soon!



New Releases Available Now -  The battle between the kingdom’s mostpowerful sorcerers still rages in Seasons: Path of Destiny; the final data pack in the spin cycle Netrunner: Double time has arrived;  The Walking Dead Best Defense: Woodbury Expansionoffers a alternate win condition and further exploitation of the New World continues Archipelago: War & PeaceSmash Up goes for the B-movie jugular with its latest expansion, Sci-Fi Double FeatureShadows of Nerekhall, the latest big-box expansion forDesecent; new brand new 4th edition of dice-rolling space colonisation gameAlien FrontiersBlue Max, the classic game of WW1 dogfighting; fab new dice-rolling game Roll For It!Bridget, the beautiful bridge-building game for 2 players; brave the threat of the woods in the latest expansion for the wonderfulLast Night on EarthBlood in the Forest; the super-fast and super-fun Eight-Minute Empire Legends; make a Small World a bit bigger with the new 6 Player Map Expansion; and the Crossroads expansion for the wonderful Tokaido.


Arriving soon -  Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition; expansions for budding starship captains with Space Cadets: Resistance is Mostly FutileSpace Cadets Dice Duel: Die Fighter, and a brand-new Space Cadets game, Away MissionsWarhammer Conquest, the new card game based in the 40K universe; Foresaken Lore for Eldritch HorrorCivilizations, the first expansion for Clash of Cultures; dark fantasy adventure based on the massively popular series of novels and computer games in The Witcher; the first expansion forRelicNemesisGame of Thrones: Westeros Intrigue; new ships for Star Wars: X-WingSeafall Legacy, from the designer of the brilliant Risk Legacy, and the return of the classics Blue Moon Legends and ProphecyPRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!



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