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Friday Rules - 13.06.2014


galactic strike force

Game of the Week – Galactic Strike Force.Sentinels of the Multiverse has rapidly established itself as one of the best superhero games ever, and a firm favourite of fans of co-operative games. Its designers have just released their latest game, Galactic Strike Force, which introduces galactic intrigue and tension to the world of co-ops. In the game, 2-6 players team up to bring down a corrupt galactic criminal underground organisation. Packing a heap of gameplay into its box, Galactic Strike Force comes very highly recommended for fans of Sentinels of the Multiverse, or anyone looking for a challenging co-op set in space (and be warned, the game is very, very hard to beat). For more information, check out the reviews from Tom Vasel and The Escapist.



5!… 4!… 3!… 2!… 1! …Time To Save The World Again. After introducing the world to the fun of saving the world from deadly diseases in Pandemic, Matt Leacock is now bringing his attention to perhaps those most famous saviours of the world, ThunderbirdsThe Thunderbirds boardgame from Modiphius Entertainment will be released sometime in 2015. F-A-B!


twilight struggle

Twilight Struggle – 2nd Time Lucky for Digital Version? After the previous aborted effort to produce a digital version of GMT’s classic cold war game Twilight Struggle, it has now been announced that Playdek are working on the game. With a track record of successful digital conversions of games including AgricolaLords of Waterdeep,Ascension and Summoner Wars, its perhaps no surprise that their Kickstarter for a Twilight Struggle conversion achieved its goal almost immediately, which means we’ll hopefully be seeing a release in the not-too distant future.


cosmic dominion.jpg

Fan-Created Deception for Cosmic Encounter. Cosmic Encounter is a true classic, loved by many (and one of Tom Vasel’s favourite games of all-time). Hitting the shelves soon is the latest expansion for the game, Cosmic Dominion. Adding thirty new alien races, the expansion is particularly interesting in that much of it was designed by long-time fans of the game. We’ll be looking forward to taking a closer look soon.



Kickstart Traveller To The Silver Sceen. Here at Rules of Play, we’re big fans of Traveller, the classic sci-fi RPG that famously allows for death during character creation. Spinward Traveller is an exciting new Kickstarter to raise money for a TV pilot based in the classic Traveller setting of the Spinward Marches. With Marc Miller, the original creator of Traveller signed up as Executive Producer, this could be worth keeping an eye open for.


king of new york.jpg

Forget Tokyo – First We Take Manhattan. Due out later this year, the follow-up to smash-hit King of Tokyo (back in stock after too long an absence next week) is bringing monstrous chaos to the Big Apple. King of New York promises to bring new rules, monsters and hopefully even more fun than the original game. Watch this space for more details as they become available.


free rpg day 2014

Free RPG Day. Don’t forget it's just over a week to go until Free RPG Day 2014! Celebrating all things to do with tabletop roleplaying, we’ll be running games and having loads of goodies to give away all day on Saturday 21st June. Whether you’re a veteran of countless campaigns, or intrigued to find out more about roleplaying, there will be something for you here. If you’d like to run a session of something during the day, please get in touch and we’ll make sure that there’s space for you.


Releases/Restocks/Coming Soon!


got westeros intrigue.jpg

New in store from next week – intrigue and deception in Game of Thrones: Westeros IntriguePower Play: Schemes & Skullduggery, the brilliant-looking and innovative competitive story-telling game; caffeine-fuelled fun in VivaJava: The Dice Game; family feuds in mafia gameCapo dei Capi, and some portable sporting fun with Pocket Cricket and Pocket Football!



New Releases Available Now - Devilish dice-rolling for the whole family with DiavoloHeroes of Normandie, the WW2 action game generating a massive buzz; Galactic Strike Force, the new co-op game from the creators of the super Sentinels of the Multiverse; the super-deluxe and very special Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition; all aboard with Ivor The Engine: The Boardgame; Pirates & Bounty Hunters, a new expansion for Firefly: The Boardgame; The retro-tastic Boss Monster (and 1st expansion, Tools of Hero-Kind); 2-player mushroom collecting gem Fungi (also known as Morels), and return of the fantasy classic Blue Moon Legends.


New Releases Available to Order From Today – Dead Light for Call of Cthulhu RPG; new WW1 planes for Wings of Glory; Rolling Freight expansion, India & Great Britain and car-racing in a world gone mad in Carmarace.


Arriving soon -  Hills & Sheep, the brand new expansion forCarcassonneFoul Play, the second expansion for Blood Bowl Team Manager; the new game for 6-25 (!!!) players, The Last Banquet; expansions for budding starship captains with Space Cadets: Resistance is Mostly FutileSpace Cadets Dice Duel: Die Fighter, and a brand-new Space Cadets game, Away Missions;Warhammer Conquest, the new card game based in the 40K universe;Civilizations, the first expansion for Clash of Cultures; dark fantasy adventure based on the massively popular series of novels and computer games in The WitcherGame of Thrones: Westeros Intrigue; new ships for Star Wars: X-WingSeafall Legacy, from the designer of the brilliant Risk Legacy, and the return of the classic ProphecyPRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!



…are now over on the Events Tab. As always, if you want it and we’re not doing it, SHOUT!!X
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