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The Best Moments From #TableTopDay

The Best Moments From #TableTopDay

On Saturday 30th April, we hosted #InternationalTableTopDay at The Angel Hotel, Cardiff, for almost 400 attendees! With a number like that, it was inevitable that we'd end up with some magical moments captured on camera.

Without further ado, take a peek at the best moments from #TableTopDay...

1. Red Bez

What a glorious, glorious human Bez (the designer of 'In a Bind') is. Red leggings, red shorts, a red top complete with diamante bedazzlement and a red cross-body bag to complete the look. I could live for 100 more years and never reach that level of cool. 

*Bonus point if you spotted the guy in the grey hoodie in the background who has clearly just lost a game and is now contemplating his entire existence. Cheer up, buddy.*

Bez at Rules of Play's TableTop Day

Bez at TableTop Day with Rules of Play

2. The Happy Birthday sing-a-long

Jess, our baker-in-residence and maker of fantastical cake creations, was smart enough to schedule her birthday on TableTop Day. Naturally, we brought her a cake! What we didn't expect was for the whole room - hundreds of people! - to stop their games and sing a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to Jess.

Jess' birthday cake at TableTop Day with Rules of Play

Jess and her cake at TableTop Day

3. Trying to capture *this* picture

A gamemaker teaching a gamemaker how to play a game is a special moment. John from Gen42 Games was showing the new 'Tatsu' to Bez, when I snuck up for a quick snap. Didn't quite get the moment I was aiming for but I got 3 photos you could still call 'special'...

Almost there...

Bez and John from Gen42 at TableTop Day with Rules of Play

Getting closer...

Bez and John from Gen42 trying to take a good photo at TableTop Day

Oh, sod it.

A good picture of John and Bez at TableTop Day (finally)

4. When Librium went full on 'extreme Jenga'

Steve from Librium Games caught a few of us trying to becoming game masters of his own game, and promptly showed us who's boss. He created a card link that ended up stretching down to the floor and totalled around 35 Librium cards!

Steve from Librium Games at TableTop Day

Steve from Librium Games at TableTop Day

Steve from Librium Games at TableTop Day

5. When Geek & Sundry showed us some online love

Having the creators of International TableTop Day appreciate our event is brilliant. You know what's not so great? Autocorrect.

Geek and Sundry's tweets to us on TableTop Day

Cardigan pride?! Whatever. We'll take it. Especially as they continued showing us love for the rest of the day ❤️❤️❤️

Geek and Sundry's tweets to us on TableTop Day

6. Making it to #1 on a WalesOnline list

Our TableTopDay event was picked as the number 1 activity for people to do for a fiver or less during May Bank Holiday! Thankfully, hundreds of you listened ;)

7. Meeting so many new people

One of the best things about gaming is when you persuade newbies into joining the dark side of dice and meeples. We saw so many new faces, and had so many brand new families and friends join us and love the experience. 

*Special mention goes to Ree Saheid - she was proposed to during the event and (thankfully) said YES! You can't get a better moment than that!*

This year's #TableTopDay was an amazing event, and having so many people come and share the board game love was incredible! 

Got your own favourite moments that we missed? Tell us on Twitter!

Want to see more? Check out the full wrap-up blog post of TableTop Day here.

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Simon Mansfield - May 17, 2016

As the “guy in the grey hoodie” I can tell you now that I was certainly contemplating my entire existence, after falling for the mother-of-all bluffs in a game of Skull, by no other than my other-half. Wrecked.

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