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What's happening at #InternationalTableTopDay?

What's happening at #InternationalTableTopDay?

With less than a week until International TableTop Day, the biggest board game event of the year, we thought we'd run through the full programme of awesome stuff we'll be bringing you! We've anticipated all the questions you may be wondering about and answered them all.

Not bought your tickets yet? Don't worry - get yours here. Now, sit back, relax, and feel the excitement build...

What is it?

International TableTop Day, initially created by Geek & Sundry, is tabletop's biggest day of the year. Last year, we celebrated at Chapter and The Gate, for families and over 18s respectively. This year, we're hosting an all-day gaming extravaganza!

When is it?

On Saturday April 30th, from 10am - 10pm.

Where is it?

The Angel Hotel in Cardiff (on the corner opposite Cardiff Castle's grounds, and near the Principality stadium).

Do I need to bring anything?

Only your sense of fun! And also the Paypal receipt from your online ticket purchase - this is your ticket. 

Feel free to bring any demo games you have. The more games, the merrier! We'll also be serving food and drinks at the bar all day, and there'll be a Rules of Play games stall where you can purchase your new faves, so don't forget your spendies.

What does my ticket buy me?

Your ticket buys you entry to the whole event. Keep hold of it in case you leave and then come back later. 

Who's going to be there?

Hundreds of gamers from Wales and wider! There'll also be plenty of game publishers and creators on hand to show you how to play their games. You'll be able to get your games signed by the inventors and publishers of your favourite games and playtest some of their brand new creations!


1) Big Potato, the guys who brought you 'Bucket of Doom', 'Obama Llama', 'Mr Lister's Quiz Shootout' and more, will be on hand!


2) Bez, the twisted mind behind 'In a Bind' and 'Wibble++'


3) ET Games, the publishers behind 'Pucket' and 'Rollet', will be holding a 'Rollet' competition with a copy to be given away as a prize


4) Morning Family will be there with 'Exploding Kittens' (the game that almost broke Kickstarter!) & 'Gobbit'


5) Gen 42, the people behind one of our most popular two-players, 'Hive', will be there with both 'Hive' and 'Tatsu'


6) Grublin Games will be previewing the game 'Perfect Crime'


7) Librium Games, that pub-game-friendly bunch, will be previewing 'Detour'


8) Local favourites Tinkerbot Games will be previewing their recent Kickstarter smash success game, 'Ghostel'



9) Cubicle 7 will be bringing along a selection of role-play systems


10) Penarth & District Wargaming Society will be running ‘learn-to-play’ Dungeons & Dragons sessions


11) Artemis the Star Trek Bridge Simulator, will be making an appearance


12) Bringing kids? Our 'games for children' eeBoo, Peaceable Kingdom & Gamewright ranges will all be present


13) Chris Brett, a rep for Arcane Wonders, will be demo-ing Mage Wars Academy!


14) Made in Cardiff TV will also be there filming the whole event, along with local bloggers like Geeks in Wales and more!


I'm not that great at playing board games... What should I do?

No problem! Our expert staff will be on hand to help you choose and learn games. There'll also be dedicated learn-to-play events with publishers. 

You don't have to be good at games to come along - you can learn on the day and just have fun!

What about my kids? Where will they go?!

Bring them along, silly! Tabletop games are a brilliant family activity, so this event is perfect for the whole family. There'll be a dedicated Kids Zone where you can play games together. 

When I play games, I like to feel like royalty. Will you be accommodating that?

Oddly enough, yes! Geek n Son are bringing along hand-crafted and totally unique gaming tables, created specifically for gaming! You can come along to our VIP area on the day and put your name down for an exclusive session playing games at one of these totally gorgeous and monarch-approved tables.

I'm a competitive person. I want to crush my opponents in tournaments. Can I do that?

Of course! There'll be game tournaments throughout the day, for games like Pitchcar, Tenzi, Rollet and more. There will also mini-events held on the side, like the Magic the Gathering Grand Prix Trial Manchester 2016 and Netrunner's 'The Red Wyrm' tournament.

I haven't bought my ticket yet. Can I pay on the day?

You can, but please be aware it will be £6 on the door. Tickets online or in store are currently £5.

Will the Rules of Play shop still be open on Saturday April 30th?

Of course! We'll still be there, selling games to anyone who can't make it to the event.

Is it okay if I cry myself to sleep until the event is finally here because I simply can't wait?

Why not? We are!

If you've got any burning questions about #InternationalTableTopDay, feel free to head over to the official Facebook event and ask.

Rules of Play's #TableTopDay on Facebook

Rules of Play's #TableTopDay on our website

Rules of Play's #TableTopDay on YouTube

Buy your ticket!

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Meg @ Rules of Play - April 27, 2016

Hi Ash! The VIP tables will actually be free to play on. You just need to book a slot on the day.

And unfortunately, entrance to the event is £5, whether you sit on a regular wooden table with your own games or not! This is to manage the whole thing – we can’t keep track of people who might turn up without paying, but then end up making use of our activities and facilities.

So to come in to the venue and play games will cost £5, but to book a slot on a VIP table (there will only be a few there) won’t cost you any extra. :)

Hope that helps!

Ash - April 26, 2016

Will we have to pay to play on a table that is non-VIP on the day? Can we turn up and set up a game of our own just for the fun and get some people involved?

Jamie Gibbs - April 25, 2016

Thanks for the shout out! It’s going to be a crazy fun day. I can’t wait to get stuck in!

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