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Quiz Games That'll Hurt Your Brain

Quiz Games That'll Hurt Your Brain

Did you know quizzes are amazing? Where else could you pay £1 and possibly get a full bottle of wine in return? Well, where else would you want to?

Quizzical board games are still going strong, and these kind of party games are still huge with families, Christmas-party-goers, regular-party-goers and more. These are some of our favourite quiz games in store...


1. About Time

In About Time, players compete to guess closest to the year of historic events listed on Question Cards - all while racing around the board to be the first to the center! Unlike most trivia games, About Time allows all players to guess at once, eliminating the boredom of waiting for your turn. Very big with families who want to 'try something new'!


2. Mr Lister's Quiz Shootout

In Mr Lister's Quiz Shootout, the quizmaster will ask something like, "There are 10 flavours of Walkers crisps in the UK. Name them." Teams then take it in turns to shout out answers. If an incorrect answer is said, that team is OUT until the next card! If you guess a Golden Answer (a really hard one to guess) you get entered into the shootout!


3. Timeline: General Interest

Timeline: General Interest is a subtle game that's as much about memory recollection and guessing as it is about trivia! The aim is to turn over a card (featuring things like 'when the Sherlock Holmes character was created'), place each card in a chronological timeline of when that event took place, and hope you've got the date right!

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