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The Brand New 'Obama Llama' is Here & It's Crazy

The Brand New 'Obama Llama' is Here & It's Crazy

The best llama since 'Napoleon Dynamite' is here and sassier than ever!

Obama Llama, the game of solving the riddles of rhyming celebrity names, has arrived in store!

Last year's bestselling game was the inimitable Bucket of Doom, the party game of deadly scenarios with useless escape routes. Obama Llama is brought to you by the very same awesome guys - Big Potato Games - and was originally created by tiny tot and lovely-faced Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmondson!

Matt Edmondson playing Obama Llama

We've been looking forward to getting our hands on this game for MONTHS! We managed to nab one at Christmas time, where we gave it away as a raffle prize at our annual Board Game Bar Christmas party. 

I know what you're thinking. A game using celebrities that somehow manages to be new and relevant?! Surely not! All we've ever known is outdated references to Oasis and old Eastenders plot lines.

Believe it, buddy - Obama Llama is hip, new, trendy, cool, and all those other words that nobody at all is using.

Can you guess the rhyme?

Did ya get it yet?! I'll be honest, this Rules of Play elf is not a 'natural' at the game. Not that it matters - this is a party game for giggles, more giggles, and wetting yourself from too many giggles. 

You probably think this game is enjoyed only by students and groups of ragamuffin misfits singing Oliver! songs. Surprisingly, there's been a lot of 'family fun' happening across Twitter - families have discovered Obama Llama!

Without the - er - dodgy humour of its predecessor Bucket of Doom, this game is suitable for kids aged 12 and over. It's not quite right for children under 12, and not because of the humour, but the references. I mean, you gotta be able to know who Tom Hanks is, right? Speaking of which...

You have to get THAT one! Wanna play it yourself? Grab your copy of Obama Llama here! With free delivery, too! Now you're talkin', Christopher Walken. 

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'Not yet played by Presidents. 
Heavily endorsed by llamas.'

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