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Bunnies & Board Games: Easter Edition!

Bunnies & Board Games: Easter Edition!

To celebrate the upcoming Easter festivities (eggs! Chocolate! More eggs!) we thought we'd pick our top three family board games to play over the Easter weekend. Whether you're having a party or just chilling out, these board games will add something egg-stra special to your family Easter. 


1. Mysterium

In this family party game, players become established mediums of the 1920s who come together for an extraordinary seance in an old, old house... You will have 7 hours to contact the resident ghost and investigate to unlock the mystery of his death. Mysterium is a gorgeous game (made by the same folks of 'Dixit') that uses teamwork, cooperation, and a little bit of guessing. If you want to read more about Mysterium, check out our article


2. Survive Space Attack!

By the same people that brought us Survive Escape from Atlantis! comes the space-based sequel full of family fun, Survive Space Attack! Players have to evacuate an alien-riddled space station and get to the escape pods, but the aliens make that somewhat tricky, so you will have to hold them off to make your great escape! Who will be able to jump to safety?


3. Qwirkle

Qwirkle is as simple as matching colors and shapes, but the family puzzle also requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy. Earn points by building rows and columns of blocks that share a common shape or color. Look for opportunities to score big by placing a tile that touches multiple pieces with matching attributes. The player with the most points wins! Qwirkle is as easy as that! Or is it?

Like the sound of these games? You can play all the above (and hundreds more) at this year's International TableTop Day, brought to you by us! Buy your tickets here, or find out more.

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Meg @ Rules of Play - March 20, 2016

Tim, what a great idea! Like delicious Jenga.

Howard, we had no idea how accidentally close we were to ripping off an old RPG! Guess everything always circles back to board games and role-play books :)

Tim - March 16, 2016

For a great mix of Easter and Board Games, put Cadbury mini-eggs under the cups of Trivia Tower.

If you take a cup with an egg, you get to eat it, and when the tower eventually collapses, there is a mad scramble for the remaining eggs.

My kids love playing this version, and so do I!!

Howard - March 16, 2016

Bunies & Boardgames? FWIW, I have a copy of the ancient “Bunnies & Burrows” RPG from 1976. (See )
It’s a pretty good RPG for it’s time.

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